Picture Book Bootcamp with Alma Fullerton

Napanee, Ontario, Canada: Birth place of Avril Lavigne, my idol when I was fifteen to twent... I mean, seventeen.... And also the location of the picture book workshop I attended last Friday, hosted by SCBWI and lead by author Alma Fullerton.

I was lucky to have a glimpse of Alma's workshop crammed into a 30 min presentation last May at the Montreal conference but last week I got to spend several hours with her and 10 other budding writer/illustrators going through her pacing structures and answering all of our questions. 

Although she was very kind about my dummy book and only suggested changing the ending, after taking her workshop, I realised I need to overhaul about 50% of this dummy book and with pleasure! Because to be honest, when I wrote it, I really had no idea what I was doing!

So here I am, back to the drawing board and turning it inside out and upside down and back to front to see if I can create a more engaging story.

And my biggest revelation... a wordless book! I aint no wordsmith, that's for sure, so why try to be? I can still tell my story, the way I know best from my animation experience, through the visuals alone.

Let me introduce you to one of the characters from my book... Box.



Stay tuned for more updates on the characters from my book What's In The Box?

- G