Thought I'd show you how I take my sketchbook doodles through to a final digital illustration.

First I begin in my sketchbook, drawing random things, hoping something interesting will come out. It's quickly turned to winter where I live and everyone is flooding the coffee shops in their winter wear for the holiday drinks!

Next, I take it into photoshop and work out some more details and plan the layout a little more.

After my rough, I go over it once more with more detail and make some tweaks.

I then do a very loose colour key to work out my palette (but I deleted that layer by accident! >.<)

Based on the colourkey, I colour up the whole image, beginning with the characters and then the props and then the background. I am continuatlly making small changes as I go along to make sure the composition is at its best and the colour and tonal balance is right.

Final steps, I add some layer filters to capture the warmth of the scene. Et voilà! C'est fini!