Happy World Book Day!

March 2nd 2017!

World Book Day 20th Anniversary!

This is my first time recognising #WorldBookDay really. SHAME! I hear you cry! But as you'll know already, children's illustration is kind of new for me, even though I've be drawing for children for years but just through the TV screen instead of through books!

I love the idea that books have their own global day of recognition, not just for authors and illustrators but for the pure joy of reading!

I wasn't a big book reader when I was a child, TV was definitely my main story telling device (shout out to TV, love ya!) but it makes me smile how much my niece Victoria devours books!

And now as an adult, trying to make my way in the world of books and watching my illustrator friends, I can understand the importance of them much more and have a found a new respect for them over the last year.

If you have a book on the go right now, why not print yourself a nice new bookmark to celebrate today!?