My First SCBWI Event

Several months ago, I heard of a society designed solely for people who want to make books for children. I did a whole blog post on this a while back, have a look HERE.

But in May, I experience my first full blown professional illustration conference in Montreal.

On Friday afternoon, I loaded my car up with podcasts and snack and set out on the 2 hour drive to Montreal. The previous day, I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get my portfolio and dummy book printed. (Never go to Staples for this! I learned the hard way!)

So with my business cards, postcard, portfolio and dummy book in hand, I went to the hotel hosting the event for a portfolio display on the first night. It was great being in a room of dedicated illustrators and seeing what other talent was being grown around Canada East. I felt like a proper profesh.

The weekend was great! I met lots of people, authors, illustrators, agents, editors. I feel like I've learnt a lot about the process and who does what!

Now I need to scrap everything I've done and start again!