This week, I went out on an unofficial sketchcrawl with some of my character design and life drawing students.

Trying to encourage them to get out and about drawing in their sketchbooks. Something I try my best to do frequently, but must admit, don't do nearly enough!

My last sketchbook took my 4 months to finish! 4 months?! That's far too long! I will try to finish my new one I started today in half the time :)

I like to keep a small A5 paperback moleskin for drawing in coffee shops, shopping centres, airports and occasionally at local events. (My favourite being, the time I drew in New Orleans at Mardi Gras - what characters!)





Since I was little, I was always intrigued by Paul Daniels and other TV magicians. My taste has since matured to the illusions of Derren Brown, but still when I see a 'regular' magician I'm still blown away.

This magician is all show though, he's not very good at finishing his tricks!

'Mediocore Magician'


Meet the artist.



This has got to be one of my favourite #'s on social media. It's so great seeing everyone's design skills and bios about themselves in illustration form.

This is the first time I've ever contributed!

Did you do one? Can I see it?!



Why hello there!

Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?!

Thank you for stopping by my BRAND SPANKING NEW website!

Some of you may already be familiar with my work as a character designer in the animation industry and some of you may have never heard of me whatsoever!

But the good news is that that's OK, cause I have a new venture and I've made a lovely website to share my new works with you.

For sometime now I have wanted to cross over into children's book illustration (but also keep up the character design work!) and since my recent move from the UK to Canada, it's been possible to find more down time to set all this up!

So, I will keep my blog updated with new personal work and any news on finding my way through the illustration world! 


'Teatime with Turtle'